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Beautiful, Functional Retaining Walls

Here in the Ozarks where many homes are built on land that slopes, retaining walls are often needed to make use of land that might otherwise just sit vacant. Springfield, MO landscaping companies  often have to address this issue, and we do. We build retaining walls that add value and visual appeal to your property.

A retaining wall can be used to turn a difficult area into a beautifully terraced yard. With the addition of perforated pipe placed strategically at the foot of the wall, the wall can also serve to help drainage and stop erosion. Landscape walls can also be used to help minimize wind and noise.

Retaining walls - known as hardscaping in the landscaping industry - also serve an aesthetic purpose. A completely flat stretch of land can be made more attractive with the addition of a few mild slopes and retaining walls. When used as a border, short retaining walls add definition to a garden area. A few strategically placed walls can create a stunning terraced garden on a hillside that might otherwise go unused. Tree rings, convex and concave walls and borders, and raised planting beds and gardens all add a touch of elegance to your property.

Need Privacy?

Starting a new wall of natural rock

Stone walls can also serve as property barriers where your land meets a public road, or separate a wooded or wild area from the lawn and garden area. They can be used for privacy, or to block unattractive views. They also help define an outdoor living space--a private patio, an outdoor dining area, a special hidden garden or pool area. Natural rock walls are also used to create dramatic waterscapes. In the Springfield region, patio pavers are a popular addition to patio spaces.

Building a stable retaining wall that works properly with a slope requires careful inspection of the site and equally careful design. Large wall projects are especially demanding, needing structural support and painstaking stone placement.

Choose Your Materials By Project

Retaining walls are most commonly built from stone, concrete blocks, bricks and pavestone. Natural stone creates a garden-wall that has a more random, natural look, but is often harder to work with because of the inherent irregularities in the surface of the stones.

As a rule of thumb, concrete blocks are used only on walls under 3 or 4 feet high. Concrete blocks come in a variety of styles, from flat and regular in shape and surface, to rounded fronts, to imitation stone effects. They look extremely good when bordering a patio or outdoor living area, for low garden walls.

Bricks and pavestone work best for more formal applications, like patio areas and outdoor living areas.

Whatever material you choose, hardscaping is an excellent way to create a beautiful and unique personal expression for your outdoor areas.

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