Hardscapes are landscaping elements created with hard-wearing materials such as stone or concrete; trees and other horticultural elements are sometimes known as softscaping materials.

Hardscaping includes retaining walls, decorative rocks and boulders, paved walkways, garden walls, patios, or the rock and concrete work used to contain or channel water features. Solid and unchanging, hardscape elements resist the weather and retain the same look for many years, or even centuries. Softscapes often change as they mature. An ideal landscape with merge elements of both hardscape and softscape.

Hardscaping can be used not only to create an attractive landscape, but to protect it. Retaining walls can be used to limit erosion, or to create a terraced effect on steep hillsides. Pools can be effectively contained, and water flow directed and channeled as desired when rocks and concrete are used for a waterfall and streambed.hardscape -natural wall

Even structural hardscapes like paths and patios are improved by the addition of plants as borders, or in placed strategically pots. We do a lot of patio redesign in Springfield, MO, and have a clear sense of what will work and what homeowners want.

Designing a hardscape to blend with your home’s architecture and your property is one of our special skills. If you’re thinking of adding hardscaping to enhance your outdoors, contact us and let us provide you with some design suggestions and a free estimate.


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