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Landscape Lighting

When it comes to landscape lighting, Springfield, MO is the perfect place for it. Our long, warm summer nights are perfect for outdoor living well after dark.

So take back the night! Your home has lovely architectural details, and in daylight, your yard does you proud with careful landscaping, beautiful plantings and trees. Why make it all disappear once the sun sets?

These days, low voltage landscape lighting can highlight areas of your home and yard, displaying your best features even after the sun has set. And lighting adds safety, too, with paths, walkways and steps gently illuminated for safe footing. Landscape lighting is also a welcome addition to a patio area, providing a pleasing glow to your outdoor living space.

Lots of Choices

LED landscape lighting comes in many forms, and for best effect, you landscape lightingwill want to combine several types of fixtures to create your desired look. LED lighting produces a great deal of light from small fixtures, and can come in many shapes and sizes. Because the fixtures are quite attractive and available in several finishes, they not only add lighting your property at night, they can also serve as landscape details during the day.

Another advantage to LED lights is that they don’t get as hot as traditional light bulbs. This opens the way for safe use near trees and plants. Strategically placed, and aimed properly at trees and garden plantings, the light adds definition, depth and charm to what might otherwise just look like dark mounds of vegetation.

These lights also do not contain harmful materials, and because they do not emit UV rays, insects are not attracted to them.

Best of all, LED landscape lighting is now more reliable and efficient that incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, and lasts longer.

How They Work

The household current used for landscape lighting is reduced to low voltage by passing through a transformer box. Cables then carry the current to light bulbs as it passes through the lead wires of the various fixtures.

LED landscape lights come in many designs and size, and just keep on improving. They are now also available in several color temperature options; this means you can choose specific effects: from a golden candlelight, to warm white, to a cool moonlight glow. Each color effect works best for certain applications. For the most stunning effects, go with a landscape lighting specialist familiar with the various fixtures, lighting color effects, and the ways to arrange them for maxium impact.

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