Outdoor Kitchens

Springfield, MO outdoor kitchens are set in the perfect climate for enjoying food preparation and dining al fresco nearly year-round.

Of course Dad loves to grill. But with an outdoor kitchen you can prepare entire meals while still visiting on the patio with your guests. No more trudging into the kitchen and back out while the guests wait, because an outdoor kitchen can include a grill, plus cooking burners, a refrigerator, a sink and storage cabinets, a beverage bar,  or even a dishwasher and other appliances.

Or fix a leisurely weekend breakfast out on the patio, and dine in the early morning sun while enjoying your landscape.

The Choices Are Many

Outdoor kitchens can be built from a number of materials, varying from decorate concrete block to pre-fabricated steel structures. A natural thin veneer can be added to enhance the look of the space. Natural stone or special countertop concrete makes up the countertops; these units are designed to withstand the annual freeze-thaw cycles.

An outdoor kitchen is designed to complement your outdoor living space, so we work with the architecture of your home, as well as your desires and budget, to create an outdoor kitchen you’ll enjoy for years. Outdoor landscape lighting illuminates the kitchen for late night dining.

Transform your backyard into a spectacular place to entertain! Contact us today for a free estimate.

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