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Good Patio Designs Make Great Outdoor Living Spaces in Springfield, MO

Most of us want a personal sanctuary where  we can spend quality time alone, or with friends and family. Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home, and should reflect your taste and personality. Depending on your budget and the amount of land you can allot to the project, your outdoor living space can be large and expansive, or small and cozy. Whatever you desire, we’ll design and build an outdoor oasis you can truly call your own.

Outdoor Kitchen or Other Outdoor Living Space?

The national outdoor room trend these days is for an outdoor kitchen, be it a fancy built-in gas grill or a simpler charcoal grill.

Add an attractive outdoor dining table and chairs. and you’ve got a dining room “with a view.” And with our wonderful warm summer evenings to enjoy our outdoors , landscape lighting in Springfield, MO completes the effect and makes the space usable and convenient well after dark.

Maybe what you want is simply a custom firepit or fireplace where
you can cozy up with a special someone, or gather with friends for a lighthearted evening. We can design that for you.

We also build sheltering structures like gazebos to let you spend more time outdoors, despite the weather. Rest and relax, read, play games with the kids, work a crossword puzzle, or chat with friends while still enjoying your garden and landscape.

Landscaping Features Finish the Space

Every outdoor living area benefits from design elements like outdoor lights, stone pavers and retaining walls; these elements help
define the space. Trees, shrubs and flowers placed around the outdoor room give visual interest year-round, as they change with the seasons. Ready to spend more time enjoying your outdoor property? Get in touch.

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