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Water Features
And Aquatic Landscaping

Water features vary by landscape, budget and personal choice, but if you want a water feature in your yard, the good news is that you certainly can have one.

Think ponds, waterfalls, pondless waterscapes, birdbaths, fountains, streams, tiny water features created in bowls. But each of those can be used in a number of pleasing ways. Springfield landscaping often includes water features.

A small waterfall, for example, can serve as a flowerbed accent. A small-to-medium waterfall can be added to a retaining wall, where it drops into a small catch pool below.

pondless water featureA large piece of property can be home to a waterfall built of natural stone, or, if the land slopes, an attractive series of falls.  In a smaller space, a pondless water feature, one where the water emerges from under a layer of stone to fall into a catch basin below, can add a delightful element of surprise and will dress up any yard.

Large backyards are also the perfect place for a romantic, natural looking recirculating stream, surrounded by boulders, rocks and plantings. The stream only needs to be a foot wide to still create major impact.

Smaller Yard? No  problem.

You don’t really need a lot of land for a small in-ground pond; this aquatic feature adds the impact and beauty of live water with little hassle. Integrated into the landscape with rockwork, or bordered more formally blocks of pre-formed concrete, the pond can house water plants and a few fish, and be refreshed by a fountain, or a small waterfall, or a bubbler.

If you’ve ever driven in the Ozarks and seen water coursing down the sides of a limestone hillside after a rain, you know how handsome water falling over a retaining wall looks. This water can be captured in a small retaining pond below the wall, which is not only attractive, but allows for recirculation of the water.

A large yard benefits from a larger pond, which can be home to a variety of water plants and fish.  Finish with a series of large, flat slabs across the pond, and you have a path that divides the water feature and offers an easy way to access several points around the pond and enjoy the different views.

Not enough room in your yard to fit a pond of any size? Fill a decorative, shallow bowl or container with water and add aquatic plants. Just add fresh water as needed.

wall fountainA birdbath can also add a water focal point (with or without birds. Some people just fill them with aquatic plants.)

Wall fountains also add a nice touch, and leave your lawn free for other activities.

Filling a Pond with Living Things

Both koi and goldfish thrive in the Ozarks, but remember that including fish means more pond cleaning. If the fish are healthy and reproducing, you may have to remove some of them every year to avoid overcrowding.

Plants are easily obtained, with water hyacinths, water lilies, papyrus, water lettuce rating as most popular. While many aquatic plants are lovely, and easy to maintain, plants such as the American Lotus and cattails can be nuisances in ponds when left unmanaged. For best results, use plants native to the region that can be easily managed. The MO. Dept. of Conservation  has a useful page of info and images identifying problem plants.

And speaking of water, call us when you need to talk about irrigation in Springfield, MO. We do that as well!

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