front yard ideas

Front Yard Ideas
Are a Strong Part of Curb Appeal

Curb appeal. It’s the first impression visitors have when they see the outside of your home. Whether you have a large or small yard, there’s always something that can be changed or added to make your property even more attractive. And since we also offer lawn care and law mowing for Springfield, MO, we can make sure that the curbside view of your property is always attractive.

Front yard ideas in Springfield, MO, for example, often include flowerbed ideas that start with seasonal flowers and are complemented by both evergreen shrubs and bushes with leaves that develop brilliant fall coloration. Front yard landscaping is generally influenced by the size of the yard, your desired lawn area, your climate, your taste in flowers and plants, and of course, your budget.

Small or Large, the Front Yard Adds Charm to Your Home

Some of the best front yard design is the simplest, adding charm andsmall yard with fountain color to the front of the home, and enhancing the architectural style. Even in a small yard, it’s best to create a focal point such as a garden fountain, a flowerbed arrangement, a sculpture, or a rock garden, complemented by other landscaping elements. Flowers of varying types, sizes and colors add visual interest as they bloom and changed the color palette of the garden. Flowering bushes and shrubs also change up the look. Outdoor lighting can also add a nice touch, as well as enhancing nighttime safety.

The architectural style and exterior color of the home can also help direct the front yard landscape design And driveways will often benefit from narrow flowerbeds or hedges used as borders.

A very large front yard may appear more inviting when broken into several areas of trees, flowerbeds and turf. Large decorative rock displays and simple water features add arresting punctuation to a large swatch of turf, while paths made of paving stones laid down to separate different areas of the yard create yet another layer of visual interest.

Flowerbeds Are Always In Style

Small yards can be made very attractive by the use of simple flowerbed borders, low hedges and shrubs, as well as plantings along the wall of the home. A single flowering tree, or a colorful Japanese maple, can serve as the focal point, adding both interest and a bit of shade.

Of course, sloped front yards look most handsome when bordered by rock retaining walls, which also help minimize erosion. One very attractive look is a flowerbed set right atop the stone yard wall, with the top row of the stones creating a flowerbox sort of look.

Chad Gray, Springfield, MO landscaper, has brought front yard ideas to life for hundreds of homeowners, and will visit your property for a free consultation to discuss front yard landscaping that will delight you and add value and curb appeal to your home. Contact us anytime; it's never too early or too late to start planning a beautiful front yard.

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